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Heart Quotient 33


  • From IQ to HQ;
  • Ethics makes us wide-awake and points out the most direct path to self- and world realization;
  • A workshop on knowledge, insight and experience for pioneers of a new culture.


Heart qualities are virtues. The concept of virtue comes from the Latin “vis,” which means strength, power, and is related to “vita” – life. They are qualities that enable us to accept ourselves and others with an open mind, learn from conflicts, grow under any and all circumstances, and transform negative positively.

However, according to Christina Kessler, the 33 heart qualities mean much, much more:

They are gateways to a universal intelligence from which we derive impulses for order and growth – inner guidance, life competence. One gateway leads consequentially to the next. In this process, the entire spectrum of human consciousness discloses itself, together with the fullness of our personal potential. Heart qualities are the direct guideline to self-realization.

Conversely, heart qualities represent intrinsic values. What is meant here are values that come from within – in contrast to artificially constructed ideologies and thus to value systems imposed from without.


Building blocks of a new global ethics


The 33 heart qualities are a/the direct expression of the implicate order, i.e. the Universal Process. They provide an unerring guideline for all individual, social and cultural processes – knowledge for orientation and connectivity.
Such values – and only such – can be the building blocks of a global ethics.


The end of the debate on values


Values imposed from without are a thing of the past. The expansion of intelligence to the heart quotient leads to freedom, self-determination, social commitment and integrated healing. This transformation is in store for all of us. in fact, each human being ought to have the right to train his or her life intelligence.

But our system requires citizens who are easy to govern and control, and oriented towards consumption. This is why the educational system, medicine, business and politics resist the new. The system is still in denial and refusal. But: we are the system! What could then be more obvious that for us to make this essential knowledge our own and to bring it into the world through our own, personal action?

The Great Transformation begins at the very basis, with the individual!

Those who, in addition find themselves at the switching points of society and culture are in a position to shape and give direction to the public sphere by leading consciously from the heart.

This knowledge is indispensable for all teaching and healing professions. But scientists and representatives of the religions will also soon find themselves in need of a universal ethics. The logic of virtue is compelling and irrefutable. It constitutes the basis of culture as such.

With the 33 HQs and an expanded heart quotient, we can build the foundations of a global culture of the heart.




„The path of the heart qualities is the path of the hero. It lets us feel the fullness of life and discloses the path to a better future.“

Regular: 290 Euros
High school and university students: 50% discount

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Friday 17:00 until Sunday 14:00


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